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Diary of a 60's Cover Band (Blog)

The latest astonishing song we've added is "Something in the Air", recorded in 1969 by the one hit wonder band Thunderclap Newman. They were put together by Pete Townsend around a drug addled drummer (Speedy Keene) and an eccentric jazz pianist (Thunderclap Newman). The song has a killer middle instrumental section.

We've also recently added "Everlovin' Man" by The Loved Ones to our repertoire in honour of the late great Gerry Humphries. Dennis does the most astonishing version you've heard bar the original. See him in action here. 

Remember the 60's?

The 60's were an exciting, revolutionary, turbulent time of great social and technological change: assassination, unforgettable fashion, new musical styles, Camelot, civil rights, women's liberation, a controversial and divisive war in Vietnam, the first manned landing on the moon, peace marches, World's Fairs, flower power, great TV and film and sexual freedom.

Please note:
The Substitutes are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



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Local Comments

"EBM had the pleasure of having �The Substitutes� play at our Melbourne office Christmas function this year and what a great gig it was! The event was enjoyed by all that attended, �The Substitutes� played three sets that party goers danced to the entire time. We would indeed use �The Substitutes� again for another function and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great band that plays great music." email from Jolene Dawson, 18/12/2014, PA to the EGM, EBM Insurance Brokers.

�Hi Peter, Thank you very much for your efforts last Saturday night.  We had a great time thanks to the band. I'd appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to Pete, Robbo and Neil.  It was a great performance. Hope you guys have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year." email from Ron Sinha, 9/12/2014.

"Thank you and your band. You were terrific and we thoroughly enjoyed the night. Thank you so much from Anna, Michael and our son Jack" email from Anna & Michael 28/7/2014.

"Dear Pete, Dennis, Peter and Paul, we wish to thank you for your generous donation of time and the help you have provided to the 2012 Karingal Big Night Out and we look forward to a continued relationship with you in the future. All reports have said how much you were loved! The Big Night Out was held on November 23 and was a great success. We had 585 people attend. The evening was very enjoyable and we sincerely thank you for your assistance. Warm regards, Farryn Soldani, Events & Projects Co-ordinator, Baclinks", letter received 14/12/12.

""Hi Peter, Just a short email to say thanks for the great evening on Dec 1. Everybody loved it!! Regards, email from Marelle & Jos" 8/12/12.

"Hi Ella, The Substitutes were Fantastic. Great selection of songs and well performed. We have only had very positive responses from the people who attended our Flood Relief Thank You Concert at the Rex Cinema. I would recommend the band to anyone looking for a first class 60�s tribute band. Best Regards, Phil Stafford,  Special Projects Coordinator,  Charlton Rotary Club ", cc'ed email to Ella at the Bandshop, 11/11/2012.

"Hi Guys - thank you for a most memorable; entertaining and fun filled show in many years. I know it was your first trip to Geelong - but can assure you it will not be your last. Your spread of fantastic music from one of the golden era's of music bought back so many great memories - all from a range of international artists across the UK, Australia and the US. It makes you realise just how important it was - at the time - in developing the Australian music scene to what it is today. You presentations by each member of the group demonstrated that you are all talented and have an equal contribution to the show - e.g. (the multi guitarist) - Small Faces - "It's All to Beautiful" and Youngbloods - "Let's Get Together"; (bass guitar) - Beach Boys - Brain Wilson lives on; (Keyboards & guitar) - Mick Jagger - 'eat your heart out and (Drummer) - classic in every song - Sandi Nelson at his best. Keep up the great work - look forward to seeing you in Geelong in 2012. Will watch your website and even make the trip to the north, northern suburb of Geelong called - Melbourne - to enjoy your shows, as I would have no doubt your repertoire would be very extensive. Could talk for a lot longer - but from ALL your new found fans in Geelong - keep in touch - have a great Festive break - always remember - "Don't die with the music in you".  Kind regards and thanks again for a great night - RAWLO. ( Geelong RSL)." email from Graham Rawlins 10/12/2011. 

"That was just about the best subs gig ever! - I liked the Ken Russell tribute bracket, given as how he died last week - - I actually didn't like his Tommy much - except for all the hair-on-back-of-neck Daltrey bits - - but the film buffs on saturday were all over that - and his other films - - I guess you can hear the podcast from RRR in due course .. And the mountain breakfast [Paul Wookey] man's numbers were great too - the dylan, cream and one other (Could've been more but I got there late)...Great numbers .. psychotic reaction .. and I love how they're all so impossible/challenging to dance to [not true!] ..", Facebook comment from David Mann, 5/12/2011

"Hi Pete Thanks again for your great performance on Saturday night - everyone there commented on how good you were. Please tell the rest of the group - I know at least one who is about to contact you for another event", email from Bill Layton, 28/11/11

"G'day Pete, Great to see you guys again. It's a very different show now with Nigel hitting those high notes...we love it!" email from John Lysaght 12/12/10.

"Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your DVD . My son Sam filmed it with his mate Michael . I knew all the songs you did! Hope to catch a show one day. Regards Brendan" email from Brendan Mitchell 11/12/10

"Hi guys, I haven't e-mailed you before but I've just gotta say - Another excellent gig !!! I was the tall doofus going 'sha-a-ake it, baby' during your fantastic version of John Lee Hooker / the Animals' "Boom Boom". Great to hear you do Cathy Come Home .. Funny to think it was inspired by Ken Loach's film with the late lamented Carol White. I love that you're into the Small Faces. Thanks for hearing my comments about "If You Think You're Groovy" next time you want to try out a girl singer (P P Arnold/Small Faces). Thanks again for another top night! David" email from David Mann 21/06/10.

"Hi Peter, I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday night.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your music and had a great time dancing and singing along. You and the guys lived up to all expectations of a very professional unit. Having a live band created such a vibrant atmosphere compared with a juke box or CD's. We hope to see you all again around the traps sometime in the future. Kind Regards" email from Debra McCowatt 15/02/2010.

"Hello Peter. Everything worked out just fine on NYE with our tickets - such a well organised night. Just wanted to say that we had a simply wonderful night and one we'll remember for a long time - it was just the best! Many thanks" email from Gillian Olesky 5/1/10.

"Gig Guide is happy to report that The Substitutes, one of his favourite local acts, will be seeing in 2010 with a bang at Khyats Hotel in Brighton together with their brorthers-in-arms Mid Life Crisis and a sepcial guest appearance by the one and only Swanee. For those of you who don't know, The Substitutes specialise in the music of the '60s including the songs that other bands don't dare touch. More than another cover's act, The Substitutes have genuine pedigree and perform with authenticity and conviction that simply cannot be imitated", Matthew Frederick, The Age EG, 24/12/09.

"Hi Peter, I think I'm becoming a Substitutes stalker. I think I've seen you 4 weeks in a row and have become a big fan. Wow, you guys are really fantastic. The other night at Williamstown you played one of my top 5. I was in heaven. "Let's Get Together". You did it so well. I don't even remember which of you sang it as I was off with the fairies on the dance floor. I just wanted to thank you for adding some joy to my life. The reason we've been coming every week lately is because we've just discovered you and we know you'll be having a big break over the hols so we're making hay while the sun shines", email from Jenny Goldsmith, 2/12/09

�Hi, we went to the Williamstown RSL on Saturday night and thought you guys were fabulous. We danced all night and can�t wait to see you again. Will bring more of our friends next time. Thanks again for a great night� email from Carmel Coyne 1/11/09.  

"Just had a look at your rendition of Something in the Air presumably played in Em, guitar work originally played by a 16 year old Jimmy McCullough who went on to play with Wings at 19 and overdosed in his early 20�s. BTW Brilliant rendition and keyboards superb", email from Hugh Corr, 21/10/09

"Hi Peter, Thanks once again for a fantastic performance on Sunday afternoon. Our guests have been raving about you. We will organise a group to go to Carnegie Hall" email from Kerrie Stevens 18/8/09.

"Great gig guys [Nighthawk Blues 23/5/09]. Coxy is now a fan and you never get him out to see the local talent anymore" myspace comment from Matt O'Brien, 26/5/09.

"Hello Peter, Just received the DVD. You�ve got a new fan in France/Europe/World� Please say hello to Joey and Lulu! Many thanks" email from Guy Sassolas, 23/5/09.

�Thanks Peter,  I was at Nighthawk in Mentone last night.....had a ball..and the fact that I have virtually no voice today is an indication of how loud I was singing...I even had a few dances...that hasn't happened in a long long time.  Will definitely be back to see you guys again�,
email from John Lysaght, 5/4/09

"Hi Peter, fabulous w/e of music, conversation and exercise, good for the mind, body and spirit. I was compelled to write about [the gig at] ''The Sandbelt'', your sound made the venue come alive, and the stage set up looked great, the crowd had quite a few regulars so all was well. Thanks so much for all your work, dedication and passion for the music, we are very fortunate to have you bringing so much joy to so many people�s lives. Sincere Thanks" email from Anne Houlihan, 23/3/2009.

"Hi Guys, saw you blokes at the Maroondah Club at East Ringwood on Saturday night and thought you were fantastic. Have spoken to a few people including one of the bar staff and we�ll see you again.� email from Dave Myors 16/03/09

"One of Gig Guide's favourite local bands is back for 2009. Now those who know the writer socially will know that he doesn't normally suffer cover bands gladly, but a welcome exception is made with The Substitutes. Dedicated to playing only the best music of the 1960's, these guys break out the lesser known but well remembered hits by bands such as the Count Five and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown as well as the usual suspects that are guaranteed to get the dance floor moving. Besides their repertoire The Substitutes were actually there � featuring former members of groups such as Buster Brown, The Strangers and The Dream. The band plays with the authenticity that comes from experience." from Matthew Frederick, editor of The Age EG Gig Guide, 30/1/2009.

�Dear P's 1, 2 and 3 and Dennis, What can I say, but - thanks a million for your MAJOR contribution in helping our 60th party go off with an absolute blast last Saturday night!! It was great to see even the least likely of Ian's mates loosen up, smile and bop till they dropped to your fantastic music and vocals. We set out to have an upbeat event that people would really enjoy and  remember � and from feedback on the night and since Saturday, mission completed! Thanks also to all of you, and your roadie, for not only fitting us in before you were officially back on the road after the holidays, but for being accommodating and cheerful when you found you'd need to adjust your performance and gear to suit a more compact space than usual. A-1 unique and professional job, guys!  Very best regards and looking forward to seeing you in action again soon.� email from June Leijon and Ian Sunderland , 2/2/2009

"I had the privilege of seeing the band do a gig at a birthday function last night (21 Nov 2008).  I consider myself to be "60's tragic" and I simply could not take the smile off my face from the moment I entered the function to the moment I departed, still singing songs that the band played in the taxi on the way home.  The Substitutes are simply the best 60's cover band I have ever seen.  No gimmicks, just outstanding interpretation and delivery of those classic songs I grew up with.  Guy's you are simply fantastic.  If ever you have the opportunity to see and hear this band live, do so.  Like me, I am sure you will be in awe of them.  In particular, their versions of the classic Burdon hit "San Franciscan Nights" and The Youngbloods hit "Get Together" were faultless.   The only down side is that I knew virtually every word to every song, now that really does confirm I am a "60"s tragic".  Cheers Geoff Alway" email from Geoff Alway 22/11/2008.

"Hi Pete great show last night and thanks for making it a rockin groovy happening Man!", email from Frank Davidson, General Manager of radio station 2AY, Albury, 25/10/08

"Hi Peter, just wanted to thank The Substitutes  for a fantastic night on Saturday. Everyone commented on the great music and how much fun  they'd had. It was great to see the 'young ones' joining in and Dale was very impressed with your skills!  I had a wonderful night and really enjoyed the music. Please pass on my thanks to the other Peters and Dennis. Kind Regards, Pam", email from Pam Ross 6/10/2008 in regard to a combined 50th and 21st birthday party.

"Hi there Peter, thanks so much to you and The Substitutes for such a fantastic night at the Bentleigh Club on September 20.  My friends and I all had a ball, everyone really enjoyed your music.  It was such a great way to celebrate my 40th and I will treasure my wonderful memories of the night forever!! If you have a mailing list I would love you to add my email address!!  Looking forward to seeing lots more of you all in the future.  Cheers!!" email from Dianne Woodhouse 29/09/2008.

"G'day, we saw you at the Mentone again last Sunday. Grouse show, smokin' again as expected. Will be looking forward to catching you next time in our area� Regards, Tony" email from Tony Stone, 9/9/2008.

"Williamstown, Mentone, Elwood - You guys are great. I'll keep coming back for more as long as the music keeps going. Your version of P.J.Proby's "Hold Me" is better that his version. It can't get better - can it??????? I'll have to come back to see!!!! The best 60's entertainment I've ever experienced - Heaven will be like this - a night or afternoon listening to you and dancing the gig away." email from Mary-anne Balabin, 25/07/2008

"I stumbled upon you guys on "You Tube", I was actually lookin' for songs by The Who, I played all your demo's, and then looked up your website. I was so impressed that I felt obliged to come watch you play live. So, with my wife and and another couple (friends of mine whom I convinced) we came to the Nighthawk Blues in Mentone last Sat. night 12/7/08. We had a great night. You blew me away with every cover of the 60's that you did. We definitely will come watch you again!!!! Keep on a'rockin' and thanks for entertaining us!!! Regards"
email from Doug Jeffreys 15/07/2008.

  Score cards being shown in regard to our performance at the Williamstown RSL. The four ladies independently all gave a us 9's! [Click to enlarge the photo] - Williamstown RSL (28/06/2008).

"The Substitutes, you're such an excellent band! I love your attention to detail, that fact that you think about each song you play and do justice to the original artist and producer. And you do it with a real passion, a love and an energy that is obvious. But above all that you provide a great night's entertainment. Keep up it!" comments from Chris Cronin, Entertainment Manager at the Williamstown RSL, June 28, 2008.

"I think The Substitutes are a perfect band that you wanna dance to", email from Matt Henrichmann, 23/5/2008, German DJ.

�Hi Peter, Marg and I would like to thank you and the guys for making her Birthday Party something special, we both thought the performance from the band was outstanding and contributed greatly to the success of the night. We have been getting numerous calls from our friends telling us how great they thought the party was and how much they enjoyed themselves. Kind Regards, John & Margaret Smith�, email from John & Margaret Smith, 14/4/2008.

"Hi Peter, I just wanted to mention that you guys really 'rocked' at the Nighthawk last Saturday night. Even though my friends and I were supposedly 'playing it cool' at the back of the room, we really enjoyed ourselves. The Nighthawk has an atmosphere that really suits the vibe of your band and I certainly intend going to see you there again. Keep up the good work, regards, Jeff." email from Jeff Wiener of The Quarrelmen 25/03/2008.

"Hi Guys, my daughter Ashlee and I had a ball at Jane�s birthday party on Saturday night. She is only 17 but has grown up with 60�s music and all that came after it and loves it too. You brought back so many memories and ALL the songs were first class. I love P.J Proby and keep up to date with him, as I am a member of Gary Walker�s ( from the Walker Brothers fame) site, as he is still a great friend of P.J�s. �Hold Me� was the standout song for me. I believe Pete lives in Melton as I do so how about some gigs over this side of town? Once again thanks for the buzz. I wish I could still remember all the words like I used to be able to". email from Elaine Clements, 02/3/2008.

"The Substitutes are a wonderful band in fact they're probably the best '60s band around because you were all in the '60s..." Sherryn Love, Channel 31 roving reported for Wrokdown (screens 9pm Saturdays), January 2008.

"To Peter and the guys, We had a really great night last night at Eltham RSL! Thank You for the all the magic of going back to those wonderful songs of the best years. You have a great sound, with so much energy, and your kind of music helps us to stay YOUNG AT HEART. Again thank you and keep up all those great numbers. PS Would love to hear more of the Animals .......eg Tobacco Road .  Regards Dianne" email from Dianne Mac, 17/02/2008.

"Peter, I just wanted to put in my 2 bob & thank you for a great evening.  We (& from the feed back I have had) & everyone loved you guys. Thanks for making it a great 60th"  email from Larry Light, 12/2/2008.

 "Can't wait to see you. I have found out you are performing at the Eltham R S L on Feb 16, and I will be there with Bells on. Another Baby Boomer" - email from Dianne Mac 9/2/2008

 "Are you coming to the USA ? I would love to see your show!" - Abraham Ovad ia , Vermont USA , email 29/1/08

 "Have seen you at Nighthawk twice in 07. Am going on 2 Feb. Great sound boys!!! Keep it up for many moons to come." email from Kev Arthurson 25/1/08

"Pete, another great show last night at Bentleigh" - Kevin Bolt email 4/11/07

"I popped over to The Substitutes' Peter Summers' place in Canterbury last night and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours chatting about this, that and the other. Peter had some footage from the Ormond Hall Reunion gig on Saturday night, including the song he provoked me into revisiting, But That's All Right, which he was happy to share with this site. The band gets a glimpse of Hugh McSpedden's lightshow at last!! You should check out The Subs' site, and if you're a '60s British music fan, I'd recommend that you go and check out a Subs live gig somewhere soon..." - Mike Rudd, October 10, 2007

"hi Peter. Good Show Sat Nite! [Ormond Hall]" - email from Hugh McSpeddon, October 8 2007, father of psychedelic lighting shows in the 1970's.

"Hi Peter, We had an absolute BALL! [at Ormond Hall] Your band is great. The adventure kept going after we left. Tried for ages to get a taxi and eventually went out the front to see if I could grab one coming by. One pulled up and two women were just arriving, they were soo disappointed that they had missed�not spectrum�the substitutes!". Sheryl Vivian, email October 8, 2007.

"G'day Subbies, I personally like to boot up the computer, find your site, put on one of your youtube offerings rooly, rooly loud, grab the mouse and move it about rooly fast while I stare vacantly at the screen and pretend I'm still in the Thumpin' Tum and it's 1967.  I am gravely disappointed however that you don't do "Snoopy vs The Red Baron" or "Yummy Yummy Yummy I've got love in my tummy". Personally I consider them both to be pivotal sixties recordings. see you at the Willy RSL". Neville Bunbolger, email July 26, 2007 [I suspect this email is bogus - Editor].

"Dear Peter, Peter, Peter and Dennis,  What can I say......  You guys were sensational, absolutely everyone thought you were brilliant, but most of all I did. When you played one of my most favourite songs first up I was smitten ( San Fransiscan Nights/San Fransisco ) The sound level was perfect and your expertise was unquestionable.  Really hope to have you at another function in the future, all of you take care, Fond Regards, Rosie, The party at Kallista". Rosie Tweedley, July 24, 2007.

"Just a little note to thank you guys for putting on a great show for me and my guests at the Beaumaris Yacht Club last Saturday night.  The subsequent comments about the band were very complimentary � so once again thanks for helping me celebrating the BIG ONE in style.  Cheers and best regards, Beth". Beth MacGregor, June 23, 2007.

"Gig Guide normally makes it a rule not to get too excited about cover bands but we're prepared to make an exception in the case of The Substitutes. These guys perform the classic beat music, psychedelia and garage rock of the 60's with an authenticity that only true veterans of the era can bring. Now that Billy and Lobby have joined the choir celestial, these guys are as close as you can get to the real thing - so break out your Beatle boots and striped cardigans and catch The Substitutes this Saturday night at the Elwood RSL." Matthew Frederick, The Age EG Gig Guide, May 19, 2007.

"Hi guys, just a  note to thank you again for a fantastic night's entertainment on Friday.  We all had a blast and heaps of the guests commented on what a great band you were - not to mention the friendly "neighbour" who turned up at the front door begging to come in and meet you all.  He was so desperate, I let a complete stranger into the house.  Well done.  The trivia was an added bonus. If you're still around in a few years when I turn 50, we may have to do it all over again! Cheers" Jo McCoy, April 15, 2007

"I've saw a hell of a lot of bands playing music in the 60's but your band is as good as the best of them. It was just great hearing all those songs again and 'Everlovin Man' was just sensational. Thanks" David Flint former owner and manager of the Thumpin' Tum (well known and highly regarded 60's dance club), March 17, 2007. See him at our NYE 2007 gig here.

'Hi guys!  I happened to "discover" you while I was googling for another video.   I have been in a '60s mode recently on my MySpace page and was looking through Google Video and YouTube for Thunderclap Newman's old song and there you were!  I really like your version of that song.  I really like your band and was looking for more information about you and found your website.  Actually, I was looking to see if you have a MySpace page, but couldn't find one?  Do you have a MySpace Page?  Gosh, there are quite a few other bands out there in the world with your same name.  But certainly not like yours!  Good Luck and Wishes to You!" Nancy, Phoenix, Arizona, US, February 2, 2007

"You won me over with the first song. I never thought I'd hear anyone play 'San Franciscan Nights' [by Eric Burdon and the Animals] let alone do it so well. You really are a great 60's band" Lucas Gillard [age 25?], January 13, 2007

"I've worked at so many weddings but I've never seen a band as good as you guys. You are the best!" Elise Gow, professional still photographer, January 13, 2007

"hi peter i just wanted to thankyou and all the guys from the band for helping make our wedding day perfect. we really appreciated the effort you went to in helping us put together a collection of songs that  everyone at the wedding would love and for being so helpful during the lead up to the big day. when my wife and i were deciding on music for the wedding we knew we wanted a band of great musicians who didn't need a backing track so when we found you guys we were really excited. As it turned out our decision was perfect, all day we were getting people asking us where we found you guys and how great they thought the music was. thanks and keep on rockin"
Andrew Sirianni, February 13, 2007.

"You are the absolute
dog's bollocks!" Joe Mann (ex Rhodesia and London East End), professional still photographer, January 13, 2007  [this is a very high compliment! - check the link]

"I have to say that I just loved how you played. I didn't expect you to be so good. My friend hates 60's music but loved you anyway!"  Bianca, [age 25?], January 13, 2007

"The New Dream started life as The Dream and all I know about them is that their drummer can now be found in all-star [!!!] british invasion cover act The Substitutes." from Captain Straightman's on line blog, October 15, 2006.

"What a way to spend a Saturday night.  You guys sound exactly like the records.  Can't wait to see you at Williamstown RSL again.  Who said the 60's are dead!!" Email from Cool Rockin' Ronnie McIntosh, October 19, 2006.

"If you still have an aching for the songs you grew up with but find the revival circuit is getting you down, then you can't do better then The Substitutes. Check out their website and have a gander at their pedigree - these guys are more than just a covers band! Heck, they've got a better old-school lineup than most 'orignal bands that are still touring." From Matthew Frederick, Age EG Gig Guide September 8 2006.

"I meant to drop a line to say that Saturday night at Williamstown was just so fab. I was with a table of eight friends. I had been to Williamstown for the last gig but missed the first set. So it was suggested that I should be 'on time' as the first set was not to be missed. A really special night...perfect in fact. Just a privilege to be there. A night like Saturday just makes it all worthwhile. And then it is back to work.......Regards Di". From Di Cameron, email received Monday, 24 July 2006 23:22.

"I have to say the band was simply terrific. I used to watch The Strangers at uni in the 60's and you've every bit as good as them. Thanks very much - everyone loved the music and the band". From Peter Singer, Professor of Bio-Ethics at Princeton University, June 3, 2006.

"Peter, the band was just fantastic. We had no idea how good you were - everyone knew the music, we all danced, it was a great night. Rae had a wonderful birthday party". From Stuart Spurrell, husband of Rae Bernaldo, May 20, 2006. 

"Hi Peter, just a line to thank you and the rest of the band for giving all of us a fantastic night on Saturday, Ken and I loved every minute of your playing. We have had so many notes from our friends, all mentioning the beaut music. Many thanks once again." From Robyn Allison and Ken Allison, Hartwoods Real Estate, email May 4, 2006.

"Your band was great and you certainly added a real buzz to the party. I had everyone asking me "Where'd you find the band?' That speaks for itself."
From Trevor Ling, East Malvern, art director and film producer, March 18, 2006.

"The Substitutes play the Paramount Cinema Club in East Brunswick this Saturday and next, for parts one and two of a three part series featuring footage from the Ed Sullivan Show. Not often Gig Guide will mention "cover" bands but catch them yourself and you�ll discover they ain�t no slouches.

All four members were in bands as early as the 60�s so they play "the best of the 60�s" with more conviction than a 20-somethings outfit ever will. They�ve also played with anyone from Angry Anderson to AC/DC members as well as local musicians like Nick Charles".
Daniel Gregson, Age EG Gig Guide March 3 2006.

"You guys are fantastic. I've been searching to find a 60's band that sounds authentic and you guys play with real spirit. It takes me back to the days of the Thumpin Tum, Berties, The Catcher and so on".
From Jack Schwartz, Ormond, former Melbourne music promoter of such early 80's venues as Bananas, the London Tavern, the Tiger Lounge and the Paradise Club - March 4 2006.

"I didn't realise your guys were so accomplished and I loved the guitar behind the head trick. Thanks for making my birthday party truly memorable."
From Peter Dale, Surrey Hills, July 15 2005.

"Peter thanks very much for making my birthday party such a wonderful night. Everyone absolutely loved the band - it was a great 60's night".
From Judy Bridges, Hawthorn, May 14, 2005.

"That night at the Paramount in Coburg was one of the best nights we've ever had. You guys played really well, it was a big crowd and they danced all the time. You have to be the best 60's band around at the moment". 
Peter Xeni (manager and promoter of the Paramount Cinema Club).

"hi peter, just wanted to send you a note of thanks for saturday night....everyone thought you were fantastic! also peter, thanks to you and the band for being so flexible and easy to work with, i really appreciate it. kind regards dannielle"
From Dannielle De Marco, IMG Event Manager, 2003 Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series" June 26, 2003.


International Comments from youtube.com

The following comments come from viewers of our video clips on the public domain video repository youtube.com. [You can view these clips on the Samples page]. These are real people from around the world who are clearly impressed with what we do. Does this make us an international act? The person making the comment can be verified by following the link at the end of the comment.

Latest Comments

"Great job boys. Classic." youtube comment re Itchycoo Park from ferrier66 3/4/11.

"Great Cover" youtube comment re Hold Me Tight from gatorlost 2/4/11.

"solid, nice vox" youtube comment re Woodstock from ferrier66 29/3/11.

"Rock on Jenny...you do great justice to a great song" youtube comment re These Boots are Made For Walking from zebraman6285  23/3/11

"Great job on a stupid song" youtube comment re I'm a Boy from  rockinoliver 22/3/11    

"hey, you guys do a lot of stuff from my psychedelic collection, and with enjoyable authenticity. I wonder if you do matchstick men, or substitute? Thanks, alo" youtube comment re Friday on My Mind from alo12340 20/3/11.

"Quite good...but look like substitute teachers. :-)" youtube comment re My Back Pages from dannylim63  16/3/11

"Excellent loved that, thought the drummer really enjoyed himself" youtube comment re Hold Me from gatorlost 13/3/11.

"awesome-among the inspiration for the band's name?" youtube comment re Substitute from alo12340 2/3/11.

"Well done Subs!" youtube comment re San Franciscan Nights from tonyrio 20/2/11

"well done." youtube comment re Rosalyn from 
Nebelrazer  18/02/11

"cool" youtibe comment re Let's Spend the Night Together from LlamasOnAcid 17/2/11

"This is amazing. good on you guys" youtube comment re Needle in a Haystack from 0Natashaizere 23/1/11

"These guys do justice to this great song , really well done" youtube comment re The Loved One from  janschro  15/12/10

"Blast, the bass player sings the high notes? Well done you all! Great song. Rock on!" youtube comment re Look Through Any Window from Patsik 25/11/10

"That was excellent! Great version of a cool 60s song!" youtube ocmment re I'll Come Running Over from GarageRockRadio 20/11/10

"Great version of one Australia's greatest songs from the 1960's!" youtibe comment re Sad Dark Eyes from OzzInter  10/11/10

"Good Job!" youtube comment re Let's Get Together from  hansbriel   5/11/10

"Great rendition guys!! I'd forgotten all about this song! Keep up the great work!!" youtibe comment re Take a Heart from peterjameswilliams 5/9/10

"i dont know where all the comments are, but guys, i think you did a super tribute to this song. vocals are just fine. guitar work is really well done. some people think you have to sound exactly like the recording. uhhhh, not so......your having a great time, thats what its about, and entertaining, which you most certainly are. all the best!" youtube comment re Tell Her No from 6wireheaven   13/8/10

"Awesome!" youtube comment re Something in the Air from stuguy  23/5/10

"So good to see a band help keep the greatest music of all time alive, ie: the sixties, and done well too! Thanks for posting" youtube comment re I'll Be Back from vampyros1 19/02/10   

"Re you guys gigging in the UK? You're well bloody good. Id love to have you for our scooter rally." youtube comment re Substitute from  blackpoolrok   04/02/10

"Fantastic... thats the sound that only seasoned musicians and veterans can produce... Thank you so much for that. Singing is fair impressive and the music is ace." youtube comment re Tin Soldier from  blackpoolrok  4/2/10

"Good to see the Bass player singing lead. Did well guys. Not the easiest song to play on bass. cheers." youtibe comment re Step Back from   mssusan1961 3/2/10

"The guitars sound the same as footage from the 60's, impressive. Next time post the whole thing, I really missed hearing the ending. You don't have to be in a club to record...off to the basement you go!" youtube comment re It's My Life from  DGWpg  18/01/10

"Pretty darn good." youtube comment re Undecided from bucketofwater  15/1/10

"You guys are GREAT!!!!!!" youtube comment re Just a Little from pamhlz  12/1/10

"this song was COVERED by the outsiders at the same time eric burdon released it originally !!! eric burdon got higher in the charts than the outsiders anyway both versions good but erics version takes it away !! the substitutes are a real good hardworking team and they did real good with their cover however u guys are comparing them to the originals give em a break the substitutes deserve it !!!' youtube comment re Help Me Girl from spencermackenzie  28/11/09

"nice job, great song" youtube comment re Sha La La La Lee from  paininthechess  7/11/09

"Great to hear some Purple music played, and of in all places the Willy RSL . Seen heaps on great blues acts there on sundays but never a heavy rock cover, ,just a hint guys, Deep Purple where never a heavy metal band they always said ,that they where and still are today a rock band, but besides that, looked over a few 60`s covers you do and you do them justice, Love the early aussie music" youtube comment re Black Night from gazzzza 22/10/09

"Great stuff guys!!! I felt my hair going dark again just watching!!" youtube comment re My Generation from peterjameswilliams  12/10/09

"when you touring in Adelaide? you dudes do the old rockers really well" youtube comment re Psychotic Reaction from wannarotz  24/7/09

"A great tribute to Australia's greatest band EVER!" youtube comment re Soothe Me from Apollogranforte  13/6/09

"Great stuff guys! Well done! Cheers, Pete!" youtube comment re Something in the Air from peterjameswilliams 25/05/09

"Not bad at all!" youtube comment re All I Really Want to Do from  LittleDragon2000  14/03/09

"Fantastic guys! youtube comment re Little Boy Sad from SunshineValentine  14/2/09

"Awesome cover. once again I'm very impressed." youtube comment re Monterey from PeterCRissKISSgod 14/1/09  

Friday on My Mind - The Easybeats: 

  • "Great! Remember the good times!" - BeatReloaded
  • "we need more closeups of the go-go dancers!" - thozzman

Going up the Country - Canned Heat:

  • "Very good version of a classic song. Sounded great. Cheers, Chris." - deltachris

The Loved One - The Loved Ones: 

  • "What a great version. I saw you guys last night at bentleigh and you were great. Where are you on next????????" - glugsy
  • "Awesome............memories from the past" - Bolt52

Fire - Crazy World of Arthur Brown: 

  • "Arthurs voice is superb,,, great effort there - sounds really good" - stonedinsect

Rosalyn - Pretty Things: 

  • "Keep the flame burning guys,Nice one! Love from The Pretty Things xx" - ThePrettyThings
  • "Outstanding!" - barbh1
  • "Hi Guys. Still sounds great! I saw The Pretty Things on Tues Nov 20th in London's 100 Club doing a semiacoustic set (no drums)- still playing a storm. When are you gonna do 'Come see me' or 'Midnight to Six Man'? Keep the antipodean r n'b flag flying!" - discdon

Tin Soldier - Small Faces: 

  • "Ha!! Come on children!! SO much better than I was expecting!! Drumming and telecaster guitar particularly impressive - fair play to the lot of you, from a devout Marriott and Small Faces fan xx :D" - Caff68
  • "Good on them. Actually, I would LOVE to play in this band!" - tjs001
  • "Holy shit an australian band that covers Small Faces? That's already awesome but you guys took it one step further with a version that equals the original...that was one of the best Small Faces covers i've ever heard...You guys are great...Marriott would be proud" - thesonicreducers
  • "oh man! this is awesome! too bad you guys are like 4000 kms away or I'd love to sit in with you guys!" - jeffkahl
  • "impressive - i was going to turn it off after 30 seconds but you guys did a great job" - gabblerachett
  • "Excellent cover of this song, what's needed is a soundboard recording. There is also a version of this song by the Guess Who that was nearly as good as the original. Thanks for the vid!" - TITCOUK
  • "superb version best I've seen on here - steve & ronnie would be real proud of that. well done lads" - jamfan81
  • "made my day guys, brilliant!! and to look at you blokes, completely unassuming. nice to hear a version that's honest to the original" - 1000chairs
  • "these geezers can still rock. long live rock it stays in the blood" - holadonkey
  • "Excellent!!!!You guys are good. That's not an easy song to play and you kept it tight and very close to the original. Steve & Ronnie are smiling up there." - thepsychadelicrider
  • "All right!!!I dig it. Steve & Ronnie are up there smiling." - thepsychadelicrider
  • "Excellent lead vocals. Good version and no mistake. Respect due. Phil" - Anothersatellite

Itchycoo Park - Small Faces:

  • "A special Thank You to The Substitutes. You did a wonderful job in playing this song. It was one of my favorites when it first came out and is still popular in some of the London nightclubs."  - SeattleSunshineLady
  • "Best cover of the song Ive heard" - JDLK2005
  • "dis isda best man ty" - io504
  • "A very respectable cover. Nice, lasting job" - IWNT2BLV
  • "Nice job, gents!" - haltmusic
  • "This band brings a smile to my face every time. The sixties won't die as long as these guys rock on!" - halfround5s
  • "another good cover guys. btw are you from Melbourne? I gotta see you play." - 1000chairs
  • "You guys are a very good covers band." - beatlebug333
  • "Very good guys---I was rocking in my seat. I first heard that song in the ninth grade and it has been imbedded in my brain since!" - thibsteven

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles:

  • "Absolutely great! But what's with the audience - a couple behind a table, and one gets up, puts his coat on and leaves halfway through the song. Sacrilege!" - discdon
  • "Nice cover guys" - beatlebug333
  • "Shit acoustics or not, still a shit hot version guys! BTW I am furiously saving to book you guys for my 48th (scary that)...lol" - 1000chairs
  • "even with almost no audience (RIP - rehearsal in public) it must be a great feeling to play all these old hits quite close to the orginal. you have a good selection of songs and perform them nicely. If I did not live (and have a band - check out our videos on google and youtube, serach for WiP Work in Progress) in Mexico City, I'd come and see you play. I'd love it, I know." - gregorheinrich

Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

  • "Great, you rock !" - Micrem
  • "You guys are pretty friggin good. Thanx for keeping the real music alive & well." - MRGXX64
  • "The thing that works for me watching you guys is that to look at the way you present yourselves is that you got the 'daggy white shirts and ties, look like another cabaret/wedding band' sort of thing going on and BANG! These friggin awsome Small Faces Kinks songs come out!" - 1000chairs

Little Red Rooster - Rolling Stones

  • "this is awesome, I wish I knew how to play this version of the classic howlin wolf song so bad, you guys do it great" - discdon

Something in the Air - Thunderclap Newman

  • "Very nice :D" - xunsxu
  • "Great cover, thanks for posting" - TheSanityInspector
  • "Love the piano bit, jingle bells" - DavidMcMenamin
  • "nice cover!" - alt1962
  • "AHHH....... the good ole days of music from The AM stations. Before the FM stereo stations took over." - MRGXX64
  • "I like this live version, well done guys keep it up" - TENRECORDS
  • "Is the guy singing the same one from the record? He looks and sounds like the same guy." - ricoh53

Bring it on Home to Me - The Animals: 

  • "Kudos!!! Great job of Sam Cooke's song! YAH BABY!" - hisssed

Let's Get Together - The Youngbloods: 

  • "nice job. better version than all those folky covers and even the original artists trying to redo it without a band. you guys actually rock." - alrea
  • "Thank you for doing this beautiful song. I just went to the 40th anniversary of Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park, and this was the closing song. I always cry because it's so lovely and it could be so true." barbh1
  • "Keep the '60s vibe alive, brother!" - GodivaAddict
  • "These guys sound good... Damn they sound good." - Bluestorm3
  • "Old "Hippie anthem" thank you very much!" - motorhippie

Picture Book - The Kinks: 

  • "One of my favorite Kinks songs. This is a very good version. Good band!" - elmolincoln
  • "phantastic Kinks-song; this version is a little bit too slow; but anyway, thanks for this" - Kramnik6
  • "Great Kinks song off of the Village Green Preservation Society album. Fine job, gentlemen!" - SunnBurn
  • "Very good!" - bilgemonkey74
  • "Not many bands would even know about this song much less have the good taste to cover it. Nice job." - yourtubesteak

Can I Get a Witness - Rolling Stones: 

  • "great stuff, subs. this was the favourite song of Sydney speed freaks in the 60s. we called it 'can i get a whippin'" - BEATNIKCASS

Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

  • "You're very good - can't book you 'cos I'm in the UK" - secretstrummer
  • "Good version of a classic song. RIP the students at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY' - PZK12

Substitute - The Who

  • "1 nice performance but sadly without the guitar syncopes in the refrain." - Jazzman1985
  • "Great! Every song they do is a gem. Brilliant! Do they need a marracas/tambourine player? How about doing 'Come See Me' by The Pretty Things or 'Little Girl' by The Syndicate of Sound. When are they going to come over and play in my front room in East Sussex England!??" - apn777

She's Not There - The Zombies:  

  • "great!" - rafael28
  • "Great 60's song and you guys do it really well" - 5micky2
  • "yeah not bad at all!! one of the better cover versions of this I've heard of this where the singer wasn't screaming like a banshee in the chorus" - jeffkahl
  • "No too shabby, lads! Very nice cover. Kudos from Canada." - fishintchr
  • "bravi,bravi,bravi.the best song history of beat++++++" - DJARE50
  • "good show" - Jewz666

Tell Her No - The Zombies:

  • "You guys sound great!" - uncoveredmoose
  • "The of song I wanted to hear before turning in (12.30am UK)." - apn777
  • "good job, wrong lyrics at different parts though" - AndrewF21
  • "Yeah, the lyrics are changed a little, but still sound great!" - missohio83

Everlovin' Man - The Loved Ones: 

  • "Could almost swear Gerry Humphreys had come back to life! Good!" - 5micky2
  • "i was expecting this to be crap. But it is awesome. The Loved Ones were great. Shame they recorded so little." - scraperTSB
  • "One of the greatest songs ever" - foxnaif

Nowhere Man - The Beatles:

  • "excellent....very good version by very competent musicians....flawless...." - ss1765
  • "Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)" - mostofthetime
  • "Way 2 good" - bdrich

Oh Well (Part 1) - Fleetwood Mac:

  • "effing awesome tribute for wrinklies...peter green eh, what a guitarist?" - jmpmcd
  • "Very cool and authentic sound you guys have! Come on, put up the whole clip..." - asolognier
  • "Very nice live version - sounds great!" - skyjen
  • "Wow, you guys are good.I like the sound of the acoustic in this song.Amazing" - HALLOWEDSTEFF
  • "Excellent!" - Emmett006

Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds

  • "Really good cover. A 12 string Ricky would help the sound. You can't imitate the sound with pedals or a board" - BarneyFife00
  • "Well done guys" - fpetrozz

I'm A Man - Spencer David Group

  • "Good job!! Never ever too old to rock 'em down guys!!! Keep the licks coming and the beat right on down!" - jakerandall123
  • "Hey, real nice work. I'm just now bringing this song into my band. You guys do a great version." - Slimster22
  • "More cowbell! :) Seriously, you guys are doing the same thing that we are here in the States- playing some great rock music from the sixties, and diggin' the hell out of it. Check us out sometime- we're The Wheezetones. Rock on, mates!" - Mooseboy

I'm A Man - The Yardbirds

  • "Alright now, goddamnit!" - Khultan

San Franciscan Nights - The Animals

Black Magic Woman - Santana

  • "great cover! -c�sar from brazil" - cbimbi
  • "not bad for a load of old fellas:-) proper old santana tone, nice." - georgegleek
  • "Australia should be proud, not bad!" - Jenscool
  • "i like the bass line!!" - oiseaudor
  • "good" - renzocinder
  • "great song" - rbot100
  • "Very nice cover of this beautiful song ! Quite close to the original Santana sound, especially the keyboards have that typical sound of Gregg Rolie's organ, 35 years back. Just like oiseaudor says, the bass line is beautiful. As a matter of fact I'm a (very) amateur bass player myself and I always loved this bassline.
    I loved that song way back as a teenager and I still do. Well done fellas !  Greetings from Belgium." -
  • "Nice work! Keep going on ;-) Greeting from Holland" - jungleboy040
  • "You Guys Are Really Good!" - 2007JDC
  • "Peter Green actually wrote this song. Nice cover." - olean01
  • "These guys are fantastic, oh yeah keep rock alive" - ncast54
  • "Great playing and great guys!" - dysfunctionadc

Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful

She's So Fine - The Easybeats

Sorry - The Easybeats

  • "damn dude this song is awesome but damn i need to see the real easybeats playing the song but awesome" - itachi1713
  • "wow great job guys. I am a big fan of the easybeats and this is a teriffic rendition." - habdon

Fire - Crazy World of Arthur Brown

  • "Pretty entertaining. Did you guys play in any OZ bands in the sixties?" - regusted

It's All Over Now - Rolling Stones

  • "Hey, you OG's sound great !! Nice guitar solo, why did you cut it off ??" - fjdmusicman
  • "Great vid guys. You would love our club nights at "Vintage Sixties Live" in the UK.  Google search for our website." - VSLive
  • "Tight rendition!! These guys rock! Great guitar solo! It really brings me back to the days I remember hanging out in clubs in the 60's!" - halfround5s
  • "Another great choice by The Substitutes (along with 'When I was young') How about doing 'Little Girl' by The Syndicate of Sound? ..... and when are you going to come and play in my front room - or at least do some gigs in central London (ie The Borderline/The 100 Club)" - discdon
  • "It's a bobby Womack' song. This verson is close to "original" version by the stones & far better than was they are doing these days. Keith first solo was an absolute murder, & I appreciate the substitute guitarist for his fidel/personnal work. thanks" - quundar

Bus Stop - The Hollies

  • "Not quite the Hollies,but a pretty good job" - twoslices

Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

  • "Great, you rock !" - Micrem
  • "You guys are pretty friggin good. Thanx for keeping the real music alive & well." - MRGXX64
  • "The thing that works for me watching you guys is that to look at the way you present yourselves is that you got the 'daggy white shirts and ties, look like another cabaret/wedding band' sort of thing going on and BANG! These friggin awsome Small Faces Kinks songs come out!" - 1000chairs
  • "Superb!!!" - 589353346


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